Hi all,

I’m excited to announce that astrobotany.com is going to undergo some changes in the coming months.

First off, I would like to say I am so privileged to have the opportunity to work in the Gilroy Lab, and to work on the emerging discipline of spaceflight plant biology.  This commitment to science is what drives our website.  I made astrobotany.com with the intention for it to be a resource for anybody interested in plants in space.  I also created it with the intention to host NASA spaceflight/plant biology data for the public to look through.

In the next couple months, astrobotany.com will have a different design and different user interface thanks to our very talented web developer, Isaac.

Also, in the next couple months, we will be launching astrobotany.com‘s sister site astrobotany.org which is going to host the NASA genetic data using a Qlik user interface and a library of relevant literature.

Dr. Richard Barker, Dr. Simon Gilroy and I want to preserve the academic integrity of the site by hosting academic and research tools on astrobotany.org.

Astrobotany.com will still be a wonderful resource for all other aspects of astrobotany.


Kai Rasmussen