We’re out of coffee in the lab so Big Rich let us have two blends of “Wolfgang Puck” hotel room coffee he swiped from somewhere.  We brewed it yesterday and Big Rich came in and asked us how the ol’ WP was.  It was pretty bad.  Big Rich and I also discussed what his dedication is going to be in his dissertation.  We tossed around some ideas but I have a feeling it’s going to end up being something along the lines of… “good beginning is half done.”

Richard is working on uploading a bunch of data to CyVerse.  He forgot to save and lost a bunch of code.  RIP the code.  And as long as we’re discussing making mistakes, apparently I’ve been pronouncing “compromise” wrong for my entire life…

Dr. Barker works with spaceflight data on CyVerse.

I wrote a blog piece on Dr. Christina Johnson’s dissertation titled Analyses of Arabidopsis Seedlings Grown in Microgravity.  You can read it here.  The major takeaways are that there are genetic changes relating to cell’s cytoskeletons, root skewing, and stress response.  Other than that today was documentation and making infographics.

Let’s grow plants in space.

– Kai