It’s October now and I’ve changed the site logo to something a bit more… spooktacular.  Really, Halloween is great and I’m excited for the fall weather to come in a bit stronger.  I don’t think a pumpkin has ever been grown in space; and for good reason, probably.  The logistics of growing one of those bad boys in a confined area like the ISS is pretty hard – not to mention the end product is 100x more massive than the pumpkin seed.

Also, we’ve started a game of chess with this really fancy chessboard one of our former lab members left behind.  This thing is literally like a solid slab of granite.  My move was developing that knight right there.  


One of our molecular biology undergraduates, Savana, interviewed Simon (Dr. Gilroy) about our next rocket launch.  We are planning on putting her article up on the site sometime in the next month.

Isaac is working on the new version of but Richard commandeered him to make a data processing program that allows better access to data from the Madison West Rocketry Team.

I am just working on new site formatting, layout, and FlashLapse protocol.

I’ve always thought that the coolest thing about this lab (besides NASA) is how diverse the skill sets of the people working here are.  We have engineers, geneticists, programmers, designers, botanists, etc.  I’m humbled to see all the hard work that goes into astrobotany research, whether it be making primers or building a clinostat.

Let’s grow plants in space.

– Kai