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dirk spencer memorial chess game

Dirk Spencer Memorial Chess Game

Dirk Spencer was a great man, a great scientist, and my mentor for a Biology 152 Review Session.  Don’t worry, he’s still alive. He’s just moved on to Stanford now, completing a PhD program, and we are honoring him in the Gilroy Lab by playing a slow game of chess on the massive slab of granite that he left behind.  The Dirk Spencer Memorial Chess Game continues.  We’ll keep you updated.

Astrobotany Education & Engineering

Dr. Andrea Henle, a biology professor from Carthage, came into lab today to work with us on further developing protocol for our plant imaging device: FlashLapse.  Dr. Henle is going to be teaching a course related to astrobotany at Carthage starting in February!  Very cool.  We’ll have to have the protocol finished by then, but I’m sure we will.  The FlashLapse unit is a powerful tool we’ve built in lab and we hope to give them to high schools in Wisconsin to enhance their science programs.  Racine, Eau Claire, and other cities were discussed to begin with.  With FlashLapse, students can perform experiments/assays on plants that involve gravity stress.  That type of data collection is exactly what astrobotany research encompasses. 

I got the go-ahead to publish the second draft of FlashLapse protocol here on  If you’re interested, you can check it out here.

Let’s grow plants in space. – Kai


FlashLapse Protocol Kai Rasmussen

I’ve been working on making the protocol look good 🙂