Blog: Disney and Spaceflight: American Entertainment that Educates

Kai Rasmussen — Jan 21st 2018

This is Kai Rasmussen’s blog.  He is the webmaster for, and UW molecular biology research undergrad.  These are updates about the process, if you are interested. I was on winter break for the past three weeks and honestly was not up to much.  I spent a lot of time playing minecraft and now I’ve… Read More

CASIS and Marvel Announce “Guardians of the Galaxy” Astrobotany Challenge

Kai Rasmussen — Jan 13th 2018

The Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS) and Marvel are teaming up to allow students 13-18 years old to design an experiment to be performed on the International Space Station.  Flight proposals under Team Groot will focus on plant biology and genetics.  If you are a young scientist, consider checking out this awesome… Read More

A Pillar of Space Agriculture: Dr. Raymond Wheeler

Kai Brito — Jan 8th 2018

As part of our news series, we’ll be interviewing prominent figures in astrobotany and their role in advancing the subject forward.  Our first interview is with Dr. Raymond Wheeler, a NASA plant physiologist based at the Kennedy Space Center and Vice Chair for the Life Sciences Commission of the International Committee for Space Research (COSPAR).… Read More

Astrobotany’s 2018 New Years Resolutions

Kai Rasmussen — Jan 1st 2018

Happy new year! It’s officially 2018, a time for a new year and a new start.  We won’t quite be celebrating’s one-year anniversary yet (the site was founded in February 2017), but we’re ready to put spaceflight plant biology on the map in the coming year. 2018 New Year’s Resolutions 1. More content on… Read More