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A. Thaliana (arabidopsis thaliana, Thale Cress) is the small plant and research organism of choice for plant biologists.

  • small genome (5 chr, 27k genes)
  • first plant genome sequenced
  • small size
  • rapid lifecycle (6 weeks)

A. Thaliana Resources

TAIR (The Arabidopsis Information Resource) – this website is a database of arabidopsis molecular biology data. Check it out if you want to know the function of a specific gene or find a T-DNA insertion line.

TAIR BLAST – use this part of the TAIR website to check for flanking T-DNA insertions and primers for promoters.

ThaleMine – use this bioinformatic tool to check flanking regions to design promoters and check for promoter lengths. It also has a visualization tool to see where the gene of interest is expressed in the plant.