Experimental Design Resources

Are you designing a plant biology experiment? These are resources you may find useful.



arabidopsis thaliana astrobotany plants in space

A. Thaliana (arabidopsis thaliana, Thale Cress) is the small plant and research organism of choice for plant biologists.

  • small genome (5 chr, 27k genes)
  • first plant genome sequenced
  • small size
  • rapid lifecycle (6 weeks)

A. Thaliana Resources

TAIR (The Arabidopsis Information Resource) – this website is a database of arabidopsis molecular biology data. Check it out if you want to know the function of a specific gene or find a T-DNA insertion line.

TAIR BLAST – use this part of the TAIR website to check for flanking T-DNA insertions and primers for promoters.

ThaleMine – use this bioinformatic tool to check flanking regions to design promoters and check for promoter lengths. It also has a visualization tool to see where the gene of interest is expressed in the plant.