Plants in Space: That’s Very Interesting.

Here are some examples of astrobotany related multimedia and outreach events. We are all astrobotanists at heart.


Awake and Asleep – K. Rasmussen (Gilroy Lab)

For experiments where arabidopsis is grown in space, the seeds are put to sleep using far-red light so they do not experience the rapid acceleration of launch during the beginning of the growth cycle. This cartoon depicts this concept.


Aspiring Astrobotanists – Gilroy Lab

Nine aspiring space pioneers detail their ideas about growing plants in space after receiving an education briefing. Their work is excellent.



NASA Opportunities

This map displays career and internship opportunities with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

NASA Opportunities Map


American Society of Plant Biologists

The American Society of Plant Biologists helps support plant research and plant researchers.  In addition to providing grants and securing funding, they provide a network and represent plant biologists.  If you would like to consider membership with the organization use our promo code KR2017 to get $5.00 off.

American Society of Plant Biologists