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The library holds literature pertaining to astrobotany research. Building a body of literature is important so we can access scientific knowledge quickly. Each paper is a work of art: art that represents hard work, long hours, and intense science. We hope you find the library useful.


astrobotany plant gravity  this paper refers to gravitropism

astrobotany plant radiation  this paper refers to ionizing radiation

astrobotany arabidopsis thaliana plant  this paper refers to arabidopsis

astrobotany mizuna lettuce plant  this paper refers to mizuna lettuce

astrobotany oxygen stress  this paper refers to oxygen stress



Transcriptional and Metabolic Insights into the Differential Physiological Responses of Arabidopsis to Optimal and Supraoptimal Atmospheric CO2

astrobotany arabidopsis thaliana plant


Oxidative stress and antioxidant capacity in barley grown under space environment

astrobotany oxygen stress


Genome-wide expression analysis of reactive oxygen species gene network in Mizuna plants grown in long-term spaceflight

astrobotany mizuna lettuce plant


Effects of ionizing radiation exposure on Arabidopsis thaliana

astrobotany plant radiationastrobotany arabidopsis thaliana plant


Transgene Expression Patterns Indicate That Spaceflight Affects Stress Signal Perception and Transduction in Arabidopsis

astrobotany arabidopsis thaliana plant


Growth and photosynthetic responses of wheat plants grown in space


Transcriptional response of Arabidopsis seedlings during spaceflight reveals peroxidase and cell wall remodeling genes associated with root hair development 

astrobotany arabidopsis thaliana plant


Gravitropism and development of wild-type and starch-deficient mutants of Arabidopsis during spaceflight

 astrobotany plant gravityastrobotany arabidopsis thaliana plant


Evidence of root zone hypoxia in Brassica rapa L. grown in microgravity

astrobotany oxygen stress


Influence of microgravity on ultrastructure and storage reserves in seeds of Brassica rapa L


Stress response genes expression analysis of barley Hordeum vulgare under space flight environment

astrobotany oxygen stress

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