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This shed contains the tools of astrobotany.

Many of the tools astrobotanists use are the ones that are used for plant biology research. Take a look for yourselves!


astrobotany flashlapse system

FlashLapse – FlashLapse is a time lapse plant imaging system developed by Jerry Miao at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The FlashLapse system is a plant growth chamber that allows for high definition time lapse photography of the plants.  Lighting and motor movement can be controlled using this device, making it an invaluable tool for plant researchers, especially those doing gravitropism assays.


astrobotany clinostatastrobotany uw clinostat biotron

Clinostat – A clinostat is a piece of equipment that continuously rotates a sample in a way that is meant to mimic microgravity. Using clinostats for plant space research will hopefully provide more insight into the effects of gravity on plant biology. You can clearly see the difference the clinostat makes on plant growth in the picture above. The plant in front is rotated every 20 minutes and the control in back is not.


astrobotany nasa bric hardware cartoon

BRIC Hardware – Biological Research in Canisters (BRIC) is scientific hardware developed by NASA to carry smaller biological samples into space.  There are different types of BRIC cylinders that serve different purposes depending on their content.  BRIC is relevant to astrobotany research because they are used to house arabidopsis thaliana seedlings sown in petri dishes.


astrobotany simbox

SIMBOX Hardware – Science in Microgravity Box (SIMBOX) is scientific hardware developed by DLR (German Aerospace) in cooperation with CMSEO (China Manned Space Engineering Office).  SIMBOX was flown on a Shenzhou 8 mission in 2011 and contained biological experiments including a study on arabidopsis with 1g centrifugal control for arabidopsis in SIMBOX (onboard Shenzhou).

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