The Ethylene Problem on Space Station Mir

Kai Rasmussen — Jul 11th 2018

When you grow a plant in your home or garden, how do you care for it?  Do you water it?  Do you make sure it gets enough sunlight?  Do you add nutrients to your soil? Yes, of course! Do you monitor the levels of ethylene around your plants in parts per billion? … probably not. … Read More

Blog: Happy 4th! and “Astrobotany. Is that like The Martian?”

Kai Rasmussen — Jul 6th 2018

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July! I was wearing the new astrobotany shirt (shameless plug, but I was, for real) as I ordered coffee yesterday.  I frequent Starbucks often, and the barista recognized me, as he previously asked about the other astrobotany shirt I was wearing.  Our first interaction went like this:… Read More

Dr. Gioia Massa: Growing Generations of Plant Scientists

Kai Brito and Kai Rasmussen — Jul 2nd 2018

As part of our news series, we’ll be interviewing prominent figures in astrobotany and their role in advancing the subject forward.  Our second interview is with Dr. Gioia Massa, a NASA Life Sciences Project Scientist based at the Kennedy Space Center. Our interview started with the same question we ask all astrobotanists: How did you… Read More

Blog: The Art of Writing And Please Send me Another Letter

Kai Rasmussen — Jul 1st 2018

This is Kai Rasmussen’s blog.  He is the webmaster for, recent UW biology graduate, and graphic designer.  These are updates about the process, if you are interested. If you recently sent a letter to the Botany building at UW addressed to myself and Dr. Simon Gilroy, please send us another letter!  I promise we… Read More