List of Desirable Microgreens

This following set of lists are meant to act a starting point for investigations. These lists are not exhaustive and are meant to be expanded upon. Feel free to investigate microgreens that are not listed here.

Keep in mind that microgreens are the shoots of salad vegetables picked just after the first leaves have developed.

Growing Difficulty: Entry Level

Plant NamePreferred MediaSeeding RatePre-SoakGermination
Estimated Time
to Harvest
ArugulaHydroponic28 gNo2-3 Days8-12 Days
BroccoliHydroponic28 gNo2-3 Days8-12 Days
Brussels SproutsHydroponic28 gNo1-2 Days8-10 Days
BuckwheatSoil36 gYes1-3 Days6-12 Days
Bok Choy/Pak ChoiHydroponic28 gNo1-2 Days8-12 Days
Cabbage (Golden Acre, Chinese, Red
Acre, Red Rock Mammoth, Kogane)
Hydroponic28 gNo1-3 Days6-12 Days
ChiaHydroponic28 gNo2-3 Days8-12 Days
EndiveHydroponic28 gNo2-3 Days8-15 Days
KaleHydroponic28 gNo2-4 Days10-12 Days
KohlrabiHydroponic28 gNo2-5 Days8-12 Days
Lettuce (varied)Hydroponic28 gNo2-3 Days10-12 Days
Mustard: Red Streaks MizunaHydroponic28 gNo1-3 Days8-12 Days
Mustard: MibunaHydroponic28 gNo2-3 Days8-10 Days
Mustard: Mizuna, Osaka,
Feathered Red, Yellow
Hydroponic28 gNo1-3 Days8-12 Days
Red CloverHydroponic28 gNo1-2 Days8-10 Days
WheatgrassSoil or Hydroponic28 gNo2-3 Days8-12 Days

Growing Difficulty: Intermediate

Plant NamePreferred MediaSeeding RatePre-SoakGermination
Estimated Time
to Harvest
Celery LeafHydroponic21 gNo10-14 Days6 Days
Fennel (Microherb)Hydroponic28 gNo3-4 Days12+ Days
Japanese Spinach (Tat Soi)Hydroponic56 gNo2-3 Days8-12 Days
Leek (can be slow at germinating)Hydroponic28 gNo3-12 Days12 Days
SorrelHydroponic28 gNo1-2 Days10-12 Days

Growing Difficulty: Advanced

Plant NamePreferred MediaSeeding RatePre-SoakGermination
Estimated Time
To Harvest
AmaranthHydroponic28 gNo2-3 Days8-12 Days
BasilHydroponic28 gNo3-4 Days8-12 Days
BeetsHydroponic34 gYes3-4 Days8-12 Days
ChardHydroponic56 gYes2-5 Days8-12 Days
ChivesSoil56 gNo7-14 Days21+ Days
CilantroSoil or Hydroponic56 gNo7-14 Days21-28 Days
CressHydroponic28 gNo3-4 Days8-12 Days

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