AIRI Program Outline

Microgreens in Microgravity is the first of AIRI’s open source research programs. This program is segmented into three stages that focus on isolating variables associated with growth and development of microgreens in the space environment as they relate to the production of edible biomass. Stage I of the Microgreens in Microgravity program focuses on variables affecting general biomass production. In the second stage, research objectives will primarily focus on variables associated with root architectural development of microgreens and responses to gravity. In this stage, specimen root architecture is measured and mapped at various stages of development. The third stage seeks to identify phenotypic variation in microgreens grown under simulated microgravity with the use of single and/or multiple axis clinostats.

The three stages of the “Microgreens in Microgravity” program are meant to be scalable and applied in varying environments such as K-12 schools/educational programs, undergraduate research, academic and postdoctoral research… or even just at home. For this reason, the stages increase in technical specificity and ability as they progress. All stages are able to be scaled in complexity depending on the investigative focus of participants. For example, at an entry level, the data collected in stage I can focus on weighing specimen edible biomass once protocols have been followed. However, the same protocols are able to be expanded upon to include canopy area metrics, and photographic analytics. This all depends on the context of the investigative environment.  The first stage will be released first, however, all three stages are able to be carried out independently of each other once fully released.


Stage I: Microgreen Biomass Analysis
Stage II: Microgreen Tropisms and Root Architecture Analysis (coming soon)
Stage III: Simulated Microgravity Phenotypic Analysis (coming soon)

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