This page is meant to provide educational resources to help teachers and students as the initial investigations of the AIRI Stage I program are carried out.

Kids In Data

Data Literacy Education through Games

Kids in Data is free interactive data literacy educational program aimed at supporting young learners to understand essential concepts in data utilization and visualization through the use of video games. This program introduces basic concepts in data collection, graphing, trends, and interpretation are introduced. These tools are able to be customized and utilized alongside STAGE I of the AIRI program to help educators prepare learners to analyze and compare their experimental data.

Experimental Design Resources

  • International Controlled Environment Guidelines This website provides internationally recognized guidelines used to help plant scientists understand how to use controlled environment technology effectively and consistently.
  • PPSR Core is a set of global, transdisciplinary data and metadata standards for use in Public Participation in Scientific Research (Citizen Science) projects.

Stage I NGSS Alignment

One of the goals of the AIRI program is to support STEM education by providing students and educators authentic opportunities to carry out astrobotany related inquiry and investigations that support on-going research. For this reason, and to facilitate implementation, all AIRI program stages have been aligned to science curricular standards set forth by the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Elementary Standards

Middle/Junior High Standards

Senior/High Standards

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