Astrobotany Clothing: For the Love of Science, For the Love of Streetwear

If you get a chance, check out the clothing tab of our website.  In that section of you’ll find some design work that I’ve done and you’ll also find the clothing line I’ve been working on.

You may be asking why there is a clothing section on a site that also hosts a database of spaceflight plant biology genetic data and related resources.  The answer to that is… I am interested in pushing the limits of science communication.

From a personal perspective, I have always been an artist.  I started off selling 25 cent comics in 4th grade, unsuccessfully tried to start a graphic design company in high school, had a 6 month webcomic, and now finally I have begun an earnest attempt at creating a streetwear brand that is influenced by science and science research.  I have family in Tokyo and from a young age, our trips to downtown huge shopping centers cultivated my interest in fashion and clothing.  I draw influence from Roy Lichtenstein, Rei Kawakubo, Alexander Wang, SupremeStussy, Palace, Ralph Lauren, Bape, Kanye West, and Yayoi Kusama.  These influences may or may not be directly reflected in the astrobotany clothing line.

My question is: can you be a hypebeast and also be a scientist?  For years, the two have been mutually exclusive, but my view of this has slowly been evolving.  I’ve seen the youth put NASA patches on their bags, or denim jackets.  Rocking a rocket company’s logo.  Several researchers in the lab I work in are avid skateboarders.  I am excited for the opportunity to present scientists as more than 1-dimensional.

We will see!

Regardless, let’s grow plants in space. – Kai

P.S. UW gave me 5 hundo to give it a shot.


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