Astrobotany’s 2018 New Years Resolutions

Happy new year!

It’s officially 2018, a time for a new year and a new start.  We won’t quite be celebrating’s one-year anniversary yet (the site was founded in February 2017), but we’re ready to put spaceflight plant biology on the map in the coming year.

2018 New Year’s Resolutions

1. More content on the site.

We’re resolving to put more content on the site, including a list of laboratories around the globe that participate in astrobotany research.  Expect some new layouts and lots of new information.  We’re going to work to make the TOAST database easier to use for molecular biologists and students as well.

2. More interviews.

Expect more interviews with industry experts in 2018.  We’re going to be releasing an interview with a NASA astrobotanist soon, and have several interviews planned in the near future.  Get insight from the people who move the discipline. 

3. More projects.

It may surprise you, but the team here at isn’t just focused on the stars.  2018 is going to be a busy year for and all our affiliates: FlashLapse,, Dnestudios LLC, and NESR Labs.  There are three big projects we are working on, and the end goal of all the projects is to make science more accessible for all.  And to drive forward research.

4. A bigger community.

Democratization of research is a focal point of the mission.  We want everyone to have a place in contributing to astrobotany research.  We’re making it a goal of ours to get more and more people involved in two of the most interesting fields combined: botany and astronomy. 

Let’s grow plants in space.

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