Lada Plant Growth System

Lada (лада: named for the Slavic goddess of Fertility) is a plant growth system on the Zvezda module of the International Space Station.  It is the oldest greenhouse on the ISS and was installed in 2002.  Lada has a control module and two different vegetation compartments to allow for comparison.

“Lada consists of four major components (a control module, two vegetation modules and a water tank) and is designed to be deployed on a cabin wall. This deployment scheme was chosen to provide the crew therapeutic viewing and easy access to the plants. The two independently controlled vegetation modules allow comparisons between two vegetation or substrate treatments. The vegetation modules consist of three sub-modules, a light bank, the leaf chamber, and a root module.”
– Lada: The ISS Plant Substrate Microgravity Testbed 

Spacecraft: International Space Station

In Service: 2002 – present

Predecessor: SVET