Learn more about spaceflight plant biology with The Astrobotany Show.

Kai Rasmussen, astrobotany.com web manager and Gilroy Lab data scientist, hosts The Astrobotany Show.  Learn about growing plants in space in these short, comedic, and informative youtube episodes.  This show is produced by Kai Brito and Violet Jinqi Wang.



Astrobotany Design

Science has never looked so good.

The astrobotany.com team believes in a holistic approach to science and science communication.  Part of our initiative is to present science material accessibly.  We are interested in participating in the new STEAM thought process, which includes art as an essential piece of traditional STEM fields.  Our site is committed to presenting science and data in an aesthetic and stylized way.  Astrobotany’s experimental clothing line is supported with funding from the 2017 New Arts Venture Challenge from the UW Arts Institute.

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