Astrobotany lesson plans meet the quality criteria of the NGSS EQuIP Rubric.  K-12 Educators can use the curriculum outlined here on to create a fun and engaging classroom experience that fall under NGSS guidelines.

I. NGSS 3D Design

A. Explaining Phenomena/Designing Solutions

  • Astrobotany lesson plans encourage recall of students own experiences with botany to explain the phenomena associated with plants in space.
  • Astrobotany worksheets ask specific questions that strengthen students background in the two subjects of botany and astronomy.
  • Astrobotany is the crossroad of life sciences, earth sciences, and space sciences.

B. Three Dimensions

C. Integrating the Three Dimensions

D. Unit Coherence

E. Multiple Science Domains

F. Math and ELA

II. NGSS Instructional Supports


III. Monitoring NGSS Student Progress