For Elementary, Middle, and High School Students:

  • Check out the Astrobotany International Research Initiative (AIRI) to help contribute to astrobotany research!
  • Apply for a KSC Crop Production internship at https://nasa.force.com/ (high school students)
  • FFA and 4H in the US provide many opportunities to compete in plant-related and agriculture-related competitions. Consider attending a school with an FFA program, or joining your local 4H club.
  • Robotics clubs (sometimes within 4H) also may give students experiences that would be valuable for the engineering aspects of astrobotany.

For College Students:

  • Consider getting involved with research! Visit the resources below to help you get started.
  • Join organizations that relate to your interests. Some examples are listed below.
    • American Society for Gravitational and Space Research (ASGSR) has a student chapter that will connect you with other people interested in advanced life support and astrobotany.
    • American Society for Horticultural Science (ASHS) will connect you with controlled environment horticulture researchers and other horticultural scientists.
  • Apply for a KSC Crop Production internship at https://nasa.force.com/.
  • Apply to the Young Scientist Program at the Blue Marble Space Institute of Science at https://bmsis.org/ysp/.
  • Explore the TOAST database.
  • Keep your eye out for other opportunities! Here’s how:
    • Check our news page.
    • Follow your favorite astrobotanists on twitter.
    • Stay up to date with the astrobotany subreddit, r/astrobotany.
    • Join any space agriculture webinars you see advertised online! These may inform you about opportunities, or may help you get connected with people that have similar interests. You can find these webinars advertised on social media.
    • If you become an ASGSR member, the ASGSR student slack group has an opportunities channel that is frequently updated. Keep up to date with this group and with other professional groups you’ve joined.

For Non-Students:

  • For all students and non-students: Check out the Plant The Moon Challenge.
  • Check out Magnitude.io for opportunities to get involved in other ways.
  • Stay up to date with the Growing Beyond Earth educational program; GBE maker contests are open to “professional” teams and individuals (anyone not in school).
  • Discuss astrobotany on social media.

For Teachers:

Other Helpful Links:

  • Check out our page ‘Careers in Astrobotany’ for more information!
  • Plantae’s ‘Teaching Tools in Plant Biology’ library (link)
  • Bruce Bugbee’s recorded lectures for his ‘Environmental Plant Biology’ course (link)

This is not an exhaustive list, so if you know of any opportunities not listed here please tell us!