Yuri Gagarin Was The First Human In Space

Soviet Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin was the first human in space and no amount of blatant Russophobia from “The Space Foundation” will ever change that fact. Posthumously removing his name is just part of a larger disturbing trend currently occurring in the United States where anything even remotely related to Russia is being removed/censored/punished. We reject the frivolous demonization of Russian culture and history and refuse to punish the people of Russia for the actions of its ruling class. As a Japanese-American, it appears eerily similar to anti-Japanese sentiment during World War II which led to the internment of over a hundred thousand of my people in camps. Without the Russian/Soviet Space Program, there would be no astrobotany, and we will not forget that.


Kai Rasmussen, director at astrobotany.com