Astrobotany Answers: “What is a great mystery of astrobotany?”

Kai Rasmussen — Jan 17th 2019

Welcome to Astrobotany Answers, a segment where Kai Rasmussen (AKA Young Mark Watney) tries to answer email questions to the best of his abilities. Let’s open the mail bag and see what’s up today. Hey Kai, My name is Stephen.  I am a big fan!  (Though I just found out who you were a couple… Read More

Astrobotany Lands on the Moon

Kai Rasmussen — Jan 6th 2019

China is poised to take an astrobotany first- growing plants on the dark side of the moon. The Chang’e-4 spacecraft recently made headlines for being the first spacecraft to land on the “dark side of the moon”, and now we’re making it a headline here on, because it’s carrying some very, very important cargo.… Read More