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Kai Rasmussen

Kai Rasmussen is an alumni of the NASA funded Gilroy Lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  He is passionate about science outreach and education and founded in February 2017 with the goal of providing resources to spaceflight plant researchers and the public.  He is currently the webmaster and manager of  All site graphic design is built by Kai.

Dr. Richard Barker

Dr. Richard Barker is a postdoctoral research associate in the Gilroy Lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Dr. Barker helped complete the first full transcriptomic RNAseq analysis of Arabidopsis Thaliana from BRIC19.  He creates data visualization tools to make spaceflight data accessible to the public.

Isaac Evavold 

Isaac Evavold is a programmer and web developer in the Gilroy Lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  He helps manage data/database interfaces and is the main web developer and designer for

Hudson Koch

Hudson Koch is a geologist with the Kentucky Geological Survey. One of astrobotany’s earliest supporters, he is passionate about planetary science and consults astrobotany on planet suitability for plants. Hudson is also a devoted bird enthusiast.

Hudson’s views expressed on do not reflect the opinions of the Kentucky Geological Survey

Emerick Larkin 

Emerick Larkin is a PhD student at the University of Florida who studies plant microbiomes and precision agriculture in the context of both space and urban agriculture. Emerick has worked on several NASA astrobotany projects and is actively involved in K-12 science outreach efforts. His current research is funded by the Florida Space Grant Consortium. His long-term goal is to contribute to the establishment of a circular economy/supply-chain, both on Earth and wherever we may venture to in Space. He supports the Astrobotany team by researching and writing about developments/concepts in the field.

Kai Brito

Kai Brito is the editor-in-chief for the astrobotany news.  He has worked with the Nelson Institute and Earthspeak Radio to help communicate science to the public.

Jonathan Lombardino

Jon Lombardino is the 2019 intern for  He regularly contributes astrobotany related information regarding experimental design, protocol development, and experimental results of A. thaliana research. His research focus is plant peroxidases.

Dr. Simon Gilroy

Dr. Simon Gilroy is the PI of the Gilroy Lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  His research focus is spaceflight plant biology and plant cell signaling.  He is a life science advisor to Congress and NASA and is a consultant for

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