Lets Grow Plants in Space

As we pursue dreams of space exploration, our species will continue to sustain our livelihood by cultivating plants. Our human heritage can continue in the stars; we will work as gardeners.

About Astrobotany

Astrobotany is the study of plant life and plant interactions in space environments. This includes understanding plant response for human spaceflight as well as the possibility of plant life on other planets. Astrobotany is an emerging field.

One of humanity’s greatest shifts was a switch from hunter-gatherer clans to an agrarian type society. By becoming stewards of the land we had everything to gain.  The first era of agriculture paved the way for stability and sustenance that gave rise to the first ancient civilizations.  

Another era of agriculture is soon to be upon us: we must grow plants in space. Successful cultivation of plants in spaceflight environments will be a key step for the first space civilizations. Just as our ancestors learned to grow crops, we will do the same: in space.

Plants Grown in Space


Radish plants grown in the Advanced Plant Habitat (APH) were harvested on Nov. 30th, 2020. Astronauts Harvest Radish Crop on International Space Station

Year: 2020

Spacecraft: International Space Station


Astronaut Don Pettit grew sunflowers for his personal biology experiment in 2012.

Year: 2012

Spacecraft: International Space Station