research tools

Space Research Tools

These tools are the plant biology tools used in space, either on-board the International Space Station or any other spacecraft.

The Lada growing Mizuna on the International Space Station (Source)

Space Plant Growth Chambers

  1. A Brief History of Plant Habitats in Space
  2. ED61/62 Growth Chamber
  3. Oasis Series Growth Chambers
  4. Vazon
  5. Malachite
  6. Biogravistat/Magentobiostat
  7. Svetoblok
  8. Phyton/Fiton
  9. Plant Growth Unit (PGU)
  10. The Wubbo Ockels Unplanned Greenhouse
  11. SVET and SVET GEMS Plant Growth Systems
  12. Astroculture (ASC)
  13. Plant Growth Facility (PGF)
  14. Plant Generic Bioprocessing Apparatus (PGBA)
  15. Biomass Production System (BPS)
  16. Astro Garden
  17. MagISStra “Greenhouse in Space”
  18. Advanced Astroculture (ADVASC)
  19. Lada Plant Growth System
  20. European Modular Cultivation System (EMCS)
  21. Plant Experimental Unit (PEU)
  22. Advanced Biological Research System (ABRS)
  23. Science in Microgravity Box (SIMBOX)
  24. VEGGIE Plant Growth System
  25. Advanced Plant Habitat (APH)
  26. Lunar Micro Ecosystem

Other Astrobotany Hardware

  • BRIC Hardware
  • Growth chamber concepts that were never realized:
    • Vitacycle
    • The Salad Machine
    • Plant Research Unit (PRU)
    • Portable Astroculture Chamber (PASC)
    • Astrogarden (later called “Education Payload Operations – Kit C Plant Growth Chambers”)
    • Commercial Plant Biotechnology Facility (CPBF)
    • Paragon Lunar Greenhouse

Satellites used for Plant Research

Ground Control Research Tools

These tools are the plant biology tools used on Earth by plant researchers.

EDEN ISS at the Neumayer-Station III in Antarctica (Source)
Biosphere II in Arizona, USA (Source)
University of Arizona’s Prototype Lunar Greenhouse (Source)