The Fiton-3 micro greenhouse was a growth system aboard Salyut 7 starting in 1982.  There is not a lot of information about the elusive Fiton-3 greenhouse, but an excerpt from Humans in Spaceflight offers a quick description:

“Fiton-3 had transparent walls and contained growth vessels filled with an agar-nutrient medium, a unit for sowing seeds in microgravity, a ventilation system that maintained sterile conditions inside the container, and a daylight-type fluorescent light.” –  Humans in Spaceflight, pg. 52

The literature also states that there was a centrifuge aboard Salyut 7.  Lettuce was examined under 0.01, 0.1 and 1 g conditions using this equipment.

Spacecraft: Salyut 7

In Service: 1982 – 1986

Successor: SVET