Galactic Gardening

Aidan Moore — Mar 4th 2019

Do you have issues growing plants? Many people struggle to even keep a houseplant alive, let alone a whole garden. Countless books have been written on how to care for everything from sunflowers to trees, and one major assumption is that plants will be raised on earth. There are no instructional books on growing plants… Read More

Astrobotany 2019: “Royalty”

Kai Rasmussen — Feb 24th 2019

Our first shirt of 2019 is “Royalty”, and here’s the photoshoot. I chose two researchers, Ruby Kleijwegt, and Jon Lombardino, to model the shirts. Beyond their connection to astrobotany, both Ruby and Jon work in science education and outreach, which happens to be our major focus for 2019-2020. Ruby Kleijwegt Ruby is an astrophysics major… Read More

2 Year Anniversary and Annual Letter

Kai Rasmussen — Feb 19th 2019

February 19th 2019, marks the 2 year anniversary of  I’d just like to take this moment to observe some of the accomplishments we have made as a website and community since last February.  I’m also going to briefly outline our focus for 2019 through early 2020.  by the numbers This year saw 6,440 unique… Read More

Astrobotany Answers: “What is a great mystery of astrobotany?”

Kai Rasmussen — Jan 17th 2019

Welcome to Astrobotany Answers, a segment where Kai Rasmussen (AKA Young Mark Watney) tries to answer email questions to the best of his abilities. Let’s open the mail bag and see what’s up today. Hey Kai, My name is Stephen.  I am a big fan!  (Though I just found out who you were a couple… Read More

Astrobotany Lands on the Moon

Kai Rasmussen — Jan 6th 2019

China is poised to take an astrobotany first- growing plants on the dark side of the moon. The Chang’e-4 spacecraft recently made headlines for being the first spacecraft to land on the “dark side of the moon”, and now we’re making it a headline here on, because it’s carrying some very, very important cargo.… Read More

Listen to Episode 1 of the new Astrobotany Podcast!

Kai Rasmussen — Nov 19th 2018

Hi y’all, Here at astrobotany, I’ve teamed up with fellow researcher and good friend Jon Lombardino to make a… podcast!  In episode 1 we talk about the history and background of growing plants in space.  Enjoy!  – Kai

Happy Halloween!

Kai Rasmussen — Oct 31st 2018

It’s that spooky time of year again- a great time of year when the leaves change, pumpkins grow, and nights turn cool and crisp. wants to wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween, and celebrate the fact that this month, October 2018, yielded our highest amount of visitors to the site.  That’s over 900… Read More