New Frontiers: Tupperware for Plants in Space

Target, Budweiser, and now… Tupperware joins the list of companies ready to do their part for the field of astrobotany.  Yes, you read that right, it’s everyone’s favorite container brand!  Meal prepping goes to space.

Photo credit: NASA/Daniel Casper

Alas, it’s not Tupperware containers, but rather a sophisticated piece of equipment called the Passive Orbital Nutrient Delivery System (PONDS).  The PONDS was developed jointly by NASA and Tupperware, and its aim is to deliver water to plants more effectively in space.  Here’s what it does.  Since the International Space Station is in a state of microgravity, watering plants is actually quite difficult.  The water will go all over the place or it will coat the surface of the plant, making uptake harder.  Currently, astronauts use a syringe to deliver the water into a “plant pillow” base for the plant.  The PONDS will cut down on crew work by evenly distributing water to each plant using its absorbent mats.  It’s intended to be used in the VEGGIE plant growth system, and will making watering plants in space an easier process.

Hat’s off to Tupperware!  Let’s grow plants in space!

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