space media

Space media is probably not the type of media you are thinking about.  In plant biology research we often refer to the gel agar on a petri dish as “media”.  Seeds are sown directly on the gel surface.  This surface is sticky, easily retains moisture and has sucrose and other nutrients in it.  The consistency is similar to jello, maybe a little bit tougher.  Space media is tougher than traditional media to resist acceleration of rocket launch.

Space Media Recipe

  1. Measure out 3g sucrose and 2.36g LS (Linsmaier Skoog) salts into a container of 1L of deionized water.  Stir with a stir bar.
  2. Measure 10g phytagel, 5 g into 2 different bottles.  Pour the mixed solution into the bottles, 500 mL each.
  3. Autoclave the bottles for 30 minutes.  Let rest/cool for another 15 minutes.
  4. Pour out onto the dishes (35 mL for a square petri dish).  Using extra gloves & paper towels as necessary for heat.  Observe zones of contamination.
  5. Let plates set for 20 minutes.
  6. Tap side of the plate to make sure it’s set.
  7. put lids back on plates and store in cold room.