An Interview with Dr. Simon Gilroy, Astrobotanist

Savana Lipps — Oct 27th 2017

Some might call Simon Gilroy a talented gardener. In fact, you could even say his botanical abilities are out of this world. Gilroy is a University of Wisconsin – Madison botany researcher who believes the ability to grow plants for food in space isn’t galaxies out of reach. If conditions on Earth were to ever… Read More

Astrobotany Clothing: For the Love of Science, For the Love of Streetwear

Kai Rasmussen — Oct 24th 2017

If you get a chance, check out the clothing tab of our website.  In that section of you’ll find some design work that I’ve done and you’ll also find the clothing line I’ve been working on. You may be asking why there is a clothing section on a site that also hosts a database… Read More

Tsiolkovsky says “Show me the Money”

Kai Rasmussen — Oct 11th 2017

Molecular Biology Stuff Richard was teaching one of the undergrads how to use SerialCloner this morning.  Serial Cloner is an in-silica (in the computer) molecular biology tool.  We use it before we actually perform an experiment in wet lab.  SerialCloner simulates PCR and ligation so you can make sure all your primers and genetic tools… Read More